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Unlike banks, we are a non-profit which means we return our profits to you, our member-owners, which means better rates, lower fees and special discounts.

Holiday Loan Special!

Borrow up to $2,000 this holiday season with 12 months payback at only 5% APR! Call us to apply today!

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More return at the end of the year. Did you know we match loan rates as low as 1.90 % APY* ? 1.00% bonus dividend and 1.00% interest refunds on loans!

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As low as 1.90% APR*! Call us before you finance elsewhere!

PUD FCU is celebrating our 80th Anniversary in 2021!

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield.
Auto Loans
Rates effective 11/1/2020 and may change at any time. $5 minimum balance to open an account and obtain APY. Fees could reduce earnings.